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About FUEL Mobile

FUEL Mobile’s primary goal is to manage your wireless assets, your people, your expenses and your carriers to increase efficiencies in your operational processes and ultimately eliminate unnecessary mobility spend.

FUEL Mobile is a market leader in Managed Mobility Services and is one of the original providers of wireless Managed Mobility Services in North America. We are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and serve clients across North America, supporting their end-users across the globe. Since its inception, FUEL Mobile has been dedicated to combining expert people with highly effective technology, enabling efficient and effective mobility management while maximizing savings. FUEL Mobile’s methodology always starts by addressing the issues that are most impactful on your organization and then progresses towards the least impactful issues in order to maximize your return on investment in the shortest amount of time. It is our goal to make sure that our offerings address every aspect of our clients' mobility management needs and that we as a company continue to be driven by experience, expertise and a strong work ethic.

Executive Team

  • Shelley Rogers - CEO

    Shelley is a senior executive with strong entrepreneurial qualities and is the founding executive for the launch and operation of FUEL Mobile. She has over 20 years of experience in telecom and technology sales, including work with Telus and Bell Canada and has extensive experience with start-up ventures. Prior to FUEL Mobile, Shelley was involved with Sonic Mobility, one of the very first mobile app developers, which was successfully acquired by a large American technology firm.

  • Robert Touw - COO

    Robert is a successful senior executive and entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in the communication, mobility and IT industries. He holds a degree in international business communications and owns the design and development of all FUEL Mobile technologies. As a co-founder, FUEL Mobile marks Robert’s fourth technology start-up involvement and his third collaborative venture with Shelley Rogers.



We firmly believe in a holistic approach in managing people, wireless technologies and policies in order to maximize efficiencies across your organization. Our flexibility and hands-on approach are our key strengths, which is especially relevant given the fast-paced development of wireless technologies. Although we feel very strongly about leveraging technology wherever possible, we ultimately believe that people do business with people.


Our proprietary technologies were created around our people and our clients, and were designed to address real-world challenges in the most efficient way, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all ready-made solution. FUEL Mobile's proprietary secure cloud-based electronic mobility management platform is accessible anywhere in the world and leverages an advanced modular design in order to implement, track, analyze and automate as many facets of your mobility management tasks as possible, enabling our people to focus on what matters most.

FUEL Mobile

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