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In today's fast-paced business world, most organizations struggle to understand and control their telecom costs. In most cases, it is a lack of knowledge, visibility, time and resources that obstruct any cost-control efforts. Why invest in costly complex reporting tool sets that require hours of training and customization, but that ultimately still leave the reporting and interpretation to you?

When it comes to telecom expense management (TEM), FUEL Analyze™ puts the "M" in TEM. FUEL Analyze provides a comprehensive set of managed analytical services designed to address your TEM needs. FUEL Analyze helps you manage your wireless assets in the most cost efficient way, resulting in measureable results and savings. The service allows you to outsource your TEM needs to an experienced third-party analytical team, and provides you with direct access to a customizable Web-based reporting portal to help you manage your wireless assets in the most cost efficient manner.

Fully Managed Telecom Expense Management

  • Wireless Analysts Instead of TEM Tool Sets

    Your Wireless Analyst team can help you both assess and manage the complexities of your mobility environment in clear and concise language, helping you make quicker informed decisions based on dollars and sense. In addition to monthly reporting and access to our Web-based portal, the FUEL Analyze service includes a direct toll-free line and email access to a dedicated Wireless Analyst team that knows your company and works as an extension of your organization.


FUEL Gauge™ Portal

Electronic Mobility Reporting

The FUEL Analyze offering includes online access to FUEL Gauge, our proprietary web-based electronic mobility management portal, which forms the backbone of the FUEL Analyze service.

FUEL Mobile

Managed Mobility Services