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FUEL Gauge™ Analytics

FUEL Gauge™ is FUEL Mobile's proprietary web-based Electronic Mobility Management (EMM) portal and forms the backbone for our Managed Mobility Services.

The FUEL Gauge Analytics modules provide the analytical and administrative components of the EMM portal: Reporting and Admin. All reporting content is automatically filtered based on both role and business units relationships. Moreover, these two modules offer a wide variety of both canned and custom reports that go beyond just delivering data. The system actually is capapble of leveraging this data in order to provide practical deliverables such as overage notifications, split billing, individual invoicing and much more.

Feature functions offered as part of the FUEL Gauge™ Analytical modules include:

  • Invoice and drill-down usage analysis
  • Actionable expense management reports
  • Business unit-based business rules
  • Normalized cross-carrier reporting
  • Individualized invoice distribution
  • Automated over and under usage/spend notification
  • Built-in scheduler and alerting system

  • Executive Reporting

    Extensive reporting engine provides high-level executive reporting, actionable management reports and cross-carrier billing as well as usage trending analysis.

  • Expense Management

    Invoice analysis with drill-down options, including, monitoring of over and under-utilized subcriber lines, in addition to tracking suspended subscriber lines and unused hardware.

  • Pool Utilization

    Cost optimization also is achieved through analysis of pool over- and under-utilization, contract term compliance and re-allocation and recycling of spare wireless hardware.

  • User Management

    Track top and low users and spenders. Send out alerts and notification as needed. Distribute individual invoice summaries (and details) in order to increase end-user accountability.

  • Upgrade Planning

    Systematically enforce your hardware upgrade policy and use upgrade forecasting to maximize the benefits of your churn allowance and early hardware upgrade options.

  • Commitment Forecasting

    Leverage your commitment forecasts and make instant decisions with regards to subscriber line re-allocations, suspensions, cancellations and carrier negotiations.

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