FUEL Mobile


FUEL Gauge™ is FUEL Mobile's proprietary web-based Electronic Mobility Management (EMM) portal and forms the backbone for our Managed Mobility Services.

The FUEL Gauge MACD (Move/Add/Change/Delete) modules provide role-based access to the two procurement- and service-oriented components of the EMM portal: Order Desk and Service Desk. These two modules are able to work independently while at the same time leveraging the system's asset management functionality, so the system can intelligently suggest alternatives to ordering new hardware or to requesting new subscriber lines. In addition, the EMM portal is able to draw on historical usage patterns to make instant recommendations with regards to, amongst other things, roaming and cancellation requests.

Feature functions offered as part of the FUEL Gauge™ MACD modules include:

  • Modular secure cloud-based Web access
  • Streamlined procurement
  • Flexible approval workflows
  • Subscriber line & account management
  • Asset management
  • Unlimited configurable routing options
  • Continuous cost optimization

  • Cloud-based Web Access

    Modular secure cloud-based Web portal with Role-based access. Built-in compliance assurance, event scheduler and alerting system.

  • Order Desk

    Transparent procurement system processes all subscriber line and device related move, add and change requests with flexible approval workflows.

  • Service Desk

    Handles all service requests related to subscriber line and account management. Intelligent re-allocation of suspended lines and spare devices

FUEL Mobile

Managed Mobility Services