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In today's fast-paced business world, most organizations struggle to understand and control their telecom costs. In most cases, it is a lack of knowledge, visibility, time and resources that obstruct any cost-control efforts. Why invest in costly complex reporting tool sets that require hours of training and customization, but that ultimately still leave the reporting and interpretation to you?

When it comes to telecom expense management (TEM), FUEL Analyze™ puts the "M" in TEM. FUEL Analyze provides a comprehensive set of managed analytical services designed to address your TEM needs. FUEL Analyze helps you manage your wireless assets in the most cost efficient way, resulting in measureable results and savings. The service allows you to outsource your TEM needs to an experienced third-party analytical team, and provides you with direct access to a customizable Web-based reporting portal to help you manage your wireless assets in the most cost efficient manner.

Fully Managed Telecom Expense Management

  • Wireless Analysts Instead of TEM Tool Sets

    Your Wireless Analyst team can help you both assess and manage the complexities of your mobility environment in clear and concise language, helping you make quicker informed decisions based on dollars and sense. In addition to monthly reporting and access to our Web-based portal, the FUEL Analyze service includes a direct toll-free line and email access to a dedicated Wireless Analyst team that knows your company and works as an extension of your organization.

    Cross-Carrier Reports and Analysis

    Create normalized cross-carrier reports and charts for a detailed view of your organization's services and expenses that allows you to compare apples to apples between carriers. Generate Invoice Allowance reports to help manage your BYOD users. Invoice allocation reports help split and post your costs by cost center with proper jor and project codes. Validate invoices against contracts to help dispute any discrepancies.

    What-If Scenario Comparisons

    Accurate analysis for multiple carrier and plan scenarios based on actual rates and usage data. Enable yourself to weigh what-If scenarios in case of switching carriers, changing price plans and features, or when calculating the impact of the use of dual SIM or SIM-free devices by frequent travelers.

    Asset Management

    Maintain and update linkage between wireless hardware, staff, location and organizational business units. Track assets by subscriber line, device, employee, employee number, multiple cost center levels, business unit, department, site and more.


    Commitment and upgrade forecasting allows you to maximize the benefits of your churn allowance and early hardware upgrade options, and enables you to make instant decisions with regards to subscriber line re-allocations, suspensions and cancellations.

    Increase Accountability

    Increase your end-users' accountability by automatically allocating spend to cost centers and by distributing individualized invoices. Control your end-users through excessive-use and spend notifications to employees and their managers. Leverage your Wireless Analysts' expertise to create and enhance new or existing organizational policies and guidelines for wireless services.

    Cost Control Measures

    Your Wireless Analyst team helps identify both incidential and chronic issues with your wireless charges, whether they are voice, roaming, long distance, data or premium text usage issues. Through predictive analysis, your Wireless Analyst will keep a close eye on unused, under-utilized and suspended subscriber lines, contract terms and even your spare wireless hardware. Of course FUEL Analyze also monitors your account for overall cost creep from billing errors and unintended account changes.

    Governance and Reporting

    Your FUEL Analyze service includes monthly bill analyses, invoice and usage reports, and quarterly reviews regarding your wireless assets and the FUEL Analyze service itself. Moreover, all our reports always include pro-active, actionable recommendations that are custom-designed to help you make practical management decisions to save you money.

    Advanced Custom Reporting

    FUEL Analyze can also offer analysis and interpretation of your cost and usage focused on specific needs. Use your Wireless Analyst team to help you plan for custom wireless initiatives, such as technology refreshes, platform migrations and other wireless projects. Use your Wireless Analyst team to assist with RFP preparations or any other interaction that involves negotiation with your carrier(s).

FUEL Gauge™ Portal

Electronic Mobility Reporting

The FUEL Analyze offering includes online access to FUEL Gauge, our proprietary web-based electronic mobility management portal, which forms the backbone of the FUEL Analyze service.

FUEL Gauge provides role-based self-service access to reporting and analysis needs, and functions independently to your carrier's client care system. Our FUEL Gauge electronic mobility management system allows your Wireless Analyst team to efficiently parse and process your wireless invoices and provide the information you need to make instant decisions.

Analytical functions offered as part of the FUEL Gauge menu include:

  • Modular secure cloud-based Web access
  • Normalized cross-carrier reporting
  • Invoice & drill-down Usage Analysis
  • Individualized invoice distribution
  • Automated over & under usage/spend notification
  • Asset management
  • Continuous cost optimization
  • Built-in scheduler and alerting system
  • Process performance & service level objective tracking

Pricing & ROI


Whether you are a small to medium size business, educational institution, government agency, or large enterprise organization, with FUEL Analzye there are no set-up costs, no long-term contracts and you only pay per managed subscriber line.

Return On Investment

Influence end-user behaviour through process improvement, education and tighter controls. Lower internal analyst, accounting and management resource requirements. Protect optimal cost configurations, decrease overages & incidentals, and reduce subscriber line & hardware inactivity.

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