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Wireless Concierge™

Without the right people and processes in place, the complexity of managing your company’s mobile assets poses a daunting challenge from both a management and cost-of-ownership point of view. FUEL Mobile's Wireless Concierge™ offering provides a fully managed mobility service model, allowing your organization to concentrate on what you do best, while saving you money in the process.

Wireless Concierge allows you to free up valuable resources by outsourcing your mobility management and provides a personal single point of contact Wireless Concierge team with direct access to a customizable electronic mobility management (EMM) system, who represent your interests rather than the carriers’. This ultimate form of business process outsourcing includes procurement, client care, invoice processing, asset management, optimization services, as well as wireless helpdesk services, in addition to managed telecom expense management to service all your mobility needs.

The Ultimate in Managed Mobility Services

  • Wireless Concierge at Your Service

    Direct toll-free and priority email access to a dedicated Wireless Concierge team that knows your company and works as an extension of your organization. A team that can both manage and control the complexities of your mobility environment in plain language so your end users can maximize the benefits of their wireless assests while you can make quicker and better decisions based on dollars and sense.

    Procurement and Service Request Processing

    Wireless Concierge allows you to process all requests for subscriber lines and device related move, add and change requests, along with cancellations and suspension needs seamlessly. You will also benefit from increased interest and improved internal communication in regards to your organization's mobility management.

    End-User Help Desk Support

    Let Wireless Concierge take the heavy lifting off your shoulders and support all of your end-users with your own company specific North American toll-free number, plus a unique company email address, in addition to access to the FUEL Gauge™ electronic mobility management portal. Your Wireless Concierge team provides person-to-person support, for up to 13½ hours a day, six days a week. It is our imperative to resolve, redirect or escalate all wireless-related calls in coordination with your wireless carrier and IT department as needed, and to ensure that all requests are followed through until closure.

    End-User Education

    Increased user understanding and improved user accountability of your wireless assets and the associated costs are just two of the many advantages of the Wireless Concierge service. Your Wireless Concierge can also help provide training and communicate best practices, so your workforce not only have a better understanding of hardware, roaming, data and other usage, but also learn about other cost saving practices, such as use of wifi and dual SIM devices while travelling.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    Your Wireless Concierge is also able to assist you with management of your MDM tools, such as the BlackBerry Enterprise Server®, and MDM solutions provided by AirWatch®, MaaS360® and MobileIron© to further streamline and simplify your mobility environment.

    Corporate Mobility Policies and Guidelines

    Leverage your Wireless Concierge's experience and expertise to create and enhance new or existing organizational policies and guidelines for wireless services. Acquisitions, device selection, fair usage, hardware upgrades, approval flow, privacy, security, warranty, travel and roaming policies can all be managed by your dedicated Wireless Concierge.

    Cost Control Measures

    Our Wireless Concierge offering implements controls, which limit overages and incidentals on key variable charges such as roaming, long distance, data and premium text usage. We will also maximize the benefits of your business’ churn allowance and early hardware upgrade options. Through predictive analysis, your Wireless Concierge will keep a close eye on unused, under-utilized and suspended subscriber lines, contract terms and spare wireless hardware. Your Wireless Concierge also monitors your account for overall cost creep from billing errors and unintended account changes.

    Governance and Reporting

    Your Wireless Concierge service includes weekly operational updates, monthly reports and quarterly reviews, regarding your wireless assets. Better yet, all our reporting always includes pro-active recommendations custom-designed to help you make management decisions that are best for your organization, and can be instantly executed by your Wireless Concierge.

    Wireless Strategy Planning

    Let your Wireless Concierge help you develop a mobility strategy for the future. Together, you can develop a clear road map for future wireless initiatives, such as technology refresh timelines, firmware upgrades, platform migrations and custom wireless projects.

FUEL Gauge™ Portal

Electronic Mobility Management

The Wireless Concierge offering includes online access to FUEL Gauge, our proprietary web-based electronic mobility management portal, which forms the backbone of the Wireless Concierge service.

FUEL Gauge provides role-based access to all your procurement, service, support, and analysis needs, and functions independently to your carrier’s client care system. Our FUEL Gauge electronic mobility management system allows your Wireless Concierge representatives to log each and every transaction in a single system and provides all the information you need to make instant decisions.

Feature functions offered as part of the Wireless Concierge menu include:

  • Modular secure cloud-based Web access
  • Streamlined procurement
  • Subscriber line & account management
  • Inventory management
  • Help desk & warranty processing
  • Continuous cost optimization
  • Flexible approval workflows
  • Compliance assurance
  • Built-in scheduler & alerting system
  • Telecom expense management
  • Flexible actionable reporting
  • Process performance & service level objective tracking
  • Unlimited configurable routing options

Pricing & ROI


Whether you are a small to medium size business, educational institution, government agency, or large enterprise organization, with Wireless Concierge there are no set-up costs, no long-term contracts and you only pay per managed subscriber line.

Return On Investment

Influence end-user behaviour through process improvement, education and tighter controls. Lower internal resource requirements and lessen impact at Accounting, IT, Procurement and Management level. Protect optimal cost configurations, decrease overages and incidentals. Reduce subscriber line and hardware inactivity. Experience a wireless cost and management spend decrease of of up to 30 to 40 percent within the first year. Establish a low-maintenance, nearly autonamous mobility environment at a predictable cost.

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